Monday, April 7, 2014

Quick Jewelry Care Tip

Morning everyone! Has Spring finally sprung in your neck of the woods yet? It is very slowly starting to creep it's way in here to Western PA. So I guess that means I need to start thinking about spring cleaning. I know yuck right?! Well as you're cleaning out your closets and what not be sure to keep on the look out for those little silica packs that sometimes come in shoe boxes, purses, even pill bottles. You know those little white packets that say don't eat, throw away. Well don't throw them away, save them. But why you ask, because I am going to share a little tip with you. There are two things that can really extend the appearance  life of your jewelry, one- a basic zip type bag, two- those little packets you've been throwing away all these years. Air and moisture are the enemy. Keeping your jewelry,( especially silver, silver plated,silver filled,gold plated, copper, brass or any other jewelry that may have a tendency to tarnish), in an air tight zip top plastic bag will drastically slow down the tarnishing process. Throw in one of those little silica packets and it's a double whammy! The silica absorbs moisture while the bag prevent air from getting to the piece. You can also throw one or two into a jewelry box if you don't want to put your pieces into plastic bags. That along with gently wiping off your piece at the end of the day with a soft cloth removes any oil from your skin. These  simple and easy tips will go a long way to preserving your jewelry for a long time to come!

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