Saturday, February 15, 2014

Snowed in..

  I don't think there is anywhere in the US that hasn't been hard hit by snow this Winter. Even my kids who love the snow are growing a little weary of it. I'm convinced they will be going to school till July to make up all the snow days! All you hear are people complaining about how they have had enough already and praying for warmer weather. 
  One of my friends is a die hard Winter fan and posted this the other day..
    "I love the snow, why you ask? It mutes the world, it deadens the noise. It causes the world to move in slow motion. It covers everything in a cold embrace. It's beautiful. People gather together to keep warm, to be lazy and spend time with each other. Kids run wild and play in it, whole neighborhoods come outside to play. Dozens of kids work together to make snowmen. It's an equalizer. It's peaceful. It's calming." 
  I have very wise friends.. Thank you Howard for making me see things from a different and beautiful perspective. So enjoy the snow while you can because before you know it we will be baking in the Summer sun.

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